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Aug 24, 2018 - Jaya Notes    Comments Off on Learning WordPress – Tips

Learning WordPress – Tips


You only need a few basics to get going.  You can acquire additional skills along the way while you are having fun.

Watch the  6 Minute Video below to get started – quickly.

Your goal at this point, is to learn the meaning of the following terms:

    • Dashboard – The panel to your left.  You’ll only see this if you are logged in.
    • Page, Post – The content you will be creating. You’ll be writing Posts.
    • Menu – Site navigation links like Jaya’s Journal and Visit Site above
    • Front End – The public display version of your site.
    • Back End – The owner version of your site where you work with content.
    • Editor –  This content creation/editing portion of the Back End
    • Categories & Tags  – A way of organizing and finding content ie: this is tagged Jaya Notes
    • Themes – A theme is like a Jello mould which provides the layout, displays the page elements and fonts.  Your content is like the Jello which remains the same regardless of the mould used.
      • Right now, focus on creating content.
      • We will change the theme to make your site look the way you want.
    • Log In – Gives you access to the Back End.  www.jayasjournal/happy/wp-admin
      • User name: Jaya
      • Password: The one I sent to you OR the one you changed in Users
    • Log Out – Exit the Back End via the link which appears top right when you mouse over Howdy, Jaya  or http://localhost/jayasjournal/wp-login.php?action=logout&_wpnonce=ced72c8723
    • Always log out when you are done.


  1. Some Youtube videos may display a version older than the version you are using, so what they show in the video may be slightly, or completely different than what you see on your screen.  They may also be using different settings or have a different theme.  You’ll adapt, you’re smart.
  2. Just remember:  if you can’t find something, or don’t understand something I’ll help you.  Simply write a note about whatever it is and we’ll sort it out.  See: #7 below.
  3. Focus on what you are learning rather than how much you don’t yet know.  This will keep you grounded and excited.
  4. Use a computer where possible.  This is much easier than using your phone (at this point) and will help you to learn faster because you can see more.
  5. EXPLORE & HAVE FUN.  You can’t break anything I can’t fix or restore from a backup, so have fun, learn what you can and impress yourself.
  6. Roll-over Help:  Most elements on a page will display help if you hover over them.  Others will open a submenu or change the cursor shape to a pointing finger or a cross with 4 arrow points.  You’ll quickly figure out what this means.
  7. NOTES TO ME:  If you want to leave me a note:
    • Create a New Post – Either click Add New in the Posts Menu to the left – OR – click + New above and select post.
    • Title field – Use a meaningful title. The title field of this post contains “Learning WordPress Tips”
    • Publish metabox (top right unless you moved it): Change Visibility to Private – this way only I will see it after I log in
    • Body Field:  Write your note.  The body field of this post contains all of the content you are now reading.
    • Categories metabox: Check Robert Notes
    • Publish metabox:  Click the Publish button and you’re done.

Have fun   Superstar !

Aug 24, 2018 - Jaya Notes    Comments Off on Wonderful You – Jaya’s Journal Thinking Points

Wonderful You – Jaya’s Journal Thinking Points


I’m thrilled you’ve decided to pursue Jaya’s Journal of Self Discovery and Appreciation.

Who knows where this can go, the new friends you’ll make, the opportunities you’ll discover or the doors this will open.

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